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Fiduciary Financial Advisor Coordinating Your Financial Life 

Make the Right Financial Decisions



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Don’t Live With Financial Blind Spots

You're doing well, but with retirement right around the corner (or already here), you want to make sure that you're making the right financial decisions. Making a mistake at this stage in your financial journey can be irreversible, and one bad financial decision can dramatically impact your financial security and quality of life. You want to know that you're covered and that someone else is keeping a close eye on your financial well-being so that you don’t have to do it alone.

Get a Plan that Considers Everything

We work with families and individuals throughout Northern Michigan to develop a financial plan that considers every aspect of  your financial life. From tax planning to insurance reviews, we consider more than just your investments so that your financial strategy addresses the gaps in planning that may leave you vulnerable. Some of the biggest mistakes are the ones you don’t see coming, so helping you avoid financial missteps is a core part of how we serve our clients.


Discover what you need to do to live and retire well. No matter where you are in your financial journey, we're here to guide you through the next steps.


From estate and tax planning to investment management and overall consulting, we devise a plan that considers every aspect of your financial picture.


A huge part of making the right financial decisions is closing up the gaps that leave you vulnerable to financial harm.


You’ve planned and prepared for financial independence. Live freely knowing you have an advisor who ensures you’re making all the right moves.

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We Do More So You Can Worry Less

Work with a fiduciary financial advisor who is committed to your financial well-being. We understand the concerns that come from complex financial situations like owning or selling a business and coordinating social security, retirement benefits, and insurance needs in retirement. We recognize that your time is valuable, and decisions can become heavy in retirement. That's why clients hire us to manage the big picture and handle the details. We do more so you can worry less, like coordinating your financial life with CPAs, attorneys, and insurance agents all while managing your investments.

Financial Strategy

Retirement Planning

Estate Planning & Trust Services

Tax Planning

Insurance Review

Investment Management

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Retirement is a time to worry less about your finances and live freely… the way you planned!



We pour over the financial details, so you don't have to. Hiring us frees up your time to spend how you choose, whether that is with family and friends, traveling, or enjoying whatever passion you want to pursue.