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Solutions for Medical Professionals

Many of our physician clients own their own practices, while others are employed in hospital networks and family clinics. Our approach is based on the principle of showing a simple view of a complex financial picture.

Areas of Focus

  • Practice management consulting: Guiding complex decisions, such as how to expand or sell your practice, whether to take on debt, or how to utilize available cash

  • Retirement planning: Showing you a consolidated analysis of total household assets, cash flow, and retirement income needs

  • Cash flow forecasting: Analyzing multi-year scenarios to determine the impact of major financial decisions and help you determine when you can retire

  • Tax mitigation: Developing strategies to lower your total tax liability in the years before and after retirement

  • Investment strategy: Help to ensure your funds are invested in the appropriate vehicles with the best balance of diversification, tax efficiency, liquidity, and performance

  • Philanthropy and legacy: Maximizing the impact of money you give or pass on

As fiduciaries, we are held to a high professional standard. You have worked hard to build a successful career in medicine, and our role is to help protect and grow your wealth so that you can enjoy the retirement you have earned.

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