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 Complete Wealth Management

Wealth management is more than just investment advice - it includes all aspects of your financial life. As your wealth manager, we will create a streamlined approach in which we coordinate with your CPA, legal team, and insurance agents, all while managing your investments.

Our services are tailored to you and may include anything from advising on large purchases and cash flow management, maximizing social security benefits and generating retirement income, to investment management and proactive strategies for tax reduction.  

financial planning traverse city michigan

Financial Strategy

Make Smart Financial Decisions

Everyday financial choices in your personal life or business shouldn’t be made in a vacuum. We work with you to proactively identify and take advantage of  financial opportunities.

financial planning traverse city michigan

Retirement Planning

Live Confidently in Retirement

We address your concerns about retirement. Do you have enough to retire the way you want to? What is the best way to draw income from your portfolio? These and many other questions will be answered so you can feel confident about your retirement.

financial planning traverse city michigan

Estate Planning & Trust Services

Get Organized

When is the last time you updated your estate plan? We make sure your wishes are clearly stated, organized, and updated regularly to ensure the maximum benefit to your loved ones.

Managing a trust can be overwhelming. We offer efficient, cost-effective, professional trust services to our clients.  

financial planning traverse city michigan

Tax Planning

Pay Less in Taxes

Many financial decisions have tax consequences (good or bad). Tax considerations can be significant. We provide proactive tax strategies to help protect your financial assets and minimize the taxes you pay.

financial planning traverse city michigan

Insurance Review

Reduce Risk by Closing Gaps

Although you can't eliminate all risks, you can guard against resulting financial losses. If your insurance coverage is sufficient, it can provide financial security to you and your loved ones. We take a close look at your insurance policies to shore up any gaps that can leave you exposed.

financial planning traverse city michigan

Investment Management

Worry Less

We professionally manage your investment portfolio so you don’t have to. We coordinate all of your investments with your CPA, attorney, and insurance professionals to take complete care of your financial well-being. We work to reduce volatility and increase returns over the long term.  We also offer a unique Green Portfolio, which incorporates sustainable investing or ESG investing, allowing you to have a diversified and efficient portfolio while making an environmental and social impact.

Specialized Services

Solutions for Medical Professionals

Many of our physician clients own their own practices, while others are employed in hospital networks and family clinics. Our approach is based on the principle of showing a simple view of a complex financial picture.

Solutions for Widows and Divorcees

Losing a loved one or a marriage is devastating, and many women find their loss compounded by the sudden responsibility of managing complex finances and the need to make time-sensitive decisions that will carry long-term consequences. We can give you a clear picture of your options and critical decision points at each stage. 

Retirement Planning for Business Owners

Retirement planning is inherently more complex when you own a business, due to the number of available options and vehicles. Many business owners overpay taxes or miss out on great opportunities to fund their retirement because they leave too much cash in their businesses or don’t know about available strategies.

Multigenerational Family Planning

Managing wealth as a family can be complex, confusing, and emotionally charged at times. Part of our role is to serve as a detached third party, facilitating dialogue and helping the family make long-term financial decisions as a cohesive whole.

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