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Solutions for Widows and Divorcees

Losing a loved one or a marriage is devastating, and many women find their loss compounded by the sudden responsibility of managing complex finances and the need to make time-sensitive decisions that will carry long-term consequences. We can help give you a clear picture of your options and critical decision points at each stage.

Areas of Focus

  • Financial needs assessment: Showing you a picture of your household finances and what you will need in order to maintain your lifestyle

  • Income planning: Working with you to determine how many income sources you will be able to draw from and what options you have

  • Tax planning: Helping you understand your tax liability, how it will change as your life develops, and ways to position yourself correctly to reduce your tax liability

  • Inheritance and estate: Creating a plan for passing on your wealth and ensuring the funds are used in a way that honors your wishes

  • Divorce planning: Rebuilding a new financial foundation before and after divorce

Many of our widowed and divorced clients were not accustomed to managing household finances before assuming the responsibility. We understand and appreciate the emotional struggles and the feeling of overwhelm that comes with having to navigate the unfamiliar.

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