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Multigenerational Family Planning

Managing wealth as a family can be complex, confusing, and emotionally charged at times. Part of our role is to serve as a detached third party, facilitating dialogue and helping the family make long-term financial decisions as a cohesive whole.

Areas of Focus

  • Family wealth management: Developing a financial plan that takes the extended family into account

  • Inheritance: Preparing parents to pass on their wealth, and helping adult children prepare to receive money

  • Philanthropy: Creating strategies to enhance the impact of your philanthropic investments and contributions

  • Legal and estate: Working with your legal team to create the right type of trusts and asset structures to protect and preserve your wealth for future generations

  • Tax strategy: Utilizing the right tools and vehicles to pass on your wealth (or receive your inheritance) in a tax-efficient manner

As fiduciaries, our responsibility is to serve the needs of your whole family. We are proud to work with adult children after years of working with their parents, and we enjoy serving as an extension of the family through life’s different seasons.

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