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Top Tools to Get and Stay Financially Organized Thumbnail

Top Tools to Get and Stay Financially Organized

Stay on top of your finances with these useful tools. 

If you've ever found that getting or staying financially organized is a task, you're certainly not alone!  In fact, one of the biggest reasons clients choose to work with us is because they don't want to manage the complexity of their finances anymore. 

From managing monthly cash flow to keeping track of bills and even investing, there are some pretty ingenious tools out there these days to facilitate good money habits. Here are some tools that can help you get, and stay, financially organized. 

Bills and Budgeting 
Mint  We all have busy lives, and tracking bills and their due dates can be challenging. Mint, created by Intuit, was designed to help with this task. One of the most well-known financial apps on the market, Mint organizes all of your bills in one place and then monitors them so that you'll never have a bill fall through the cracks again. 

EveryDollar  Creating a budget has become a whole lot easier with this app created by Dave Ramsey. The app allows users to create a budget in less than 10 minutes, and it's easy to use on your mobile devices. And there is a completely free version. 

Digit is a tool that uses a sophisticated algorithm to analyze and learn about your spending habits and then automatically shifts some money into savings, so you don't have to think about it. You can also share specific saving goals, and the app features an accountability component to help you stay on track to meet those goals like a vacation or holiday fund. 

Businesses Accounting 

For business owners, staying organized financially can be even more complicated as there's far more to keep track of.  

Over the years, a variety of tools have launched to help streamline this effort. Among the most well-known and respected is Intuit's QuickBookswhich allows for tracking everything from income and expenses to mileage. QuickBooks can also be used to help capture and organize receipts and maximize tax deductions. 

The Ultimate Financial Tool 

While simple tools and apps can be helpful for certain daily functions, when it comes to managing and organizing your long-term financial goals, don't underestimate the value of your fiduciary financial advisor.  

Take advantage of the wisdom and insight that aadvisor can bring to your life. Working with someone who understands your entire financial picture means personalized guidance and care across the board. 

We love keeping clients organized. 

As you leverage the tools that are available to you to get and stay financially prepared, don't forget, you have a trusted resource right here. 


Erickson Braund is the Founder and Chief Financial Officer at Black Walnut Wealth Management. He is a Certified Financial Planner®️ professional and a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor®️. Eric brings over 20 years of experience working with high net-worth individuals and families, helping them achieve their goals of protecting and growing their wealth for retirement and for generations to come. Because Eric is a CFP®️ professional, he adheres to high ethical standards and engages in at least 30 hours of approved continuing education in the financial industry each year.